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Wireless internet connection is very popular service and you can get this service from operator based but these types of internet service are not cheap. You have to count huge money to use wireless internet connection. Many people use wireless internet connection which is operator based. Day by day, people are getting smarter and faster. This is why Wi-Fi can be the best option. Now you will get free Wi-Fi network in the library, different institutes, public places and private places also. You can convert your internet connection to Wi-Fi and you need a router to do this. Just use a router and convert your regular internet connection to Wi-Fi. Visit amazon.com site to know buy or know the latest router.
Now you buy a router and router must be from the popular brand. There are various types of routers available in the market. Buy a brand router and before buying a router model, you must know the router performance and quality. Amazon.com is a good place where you can know the detail about the router and performance. D-Link is a popular brand and you can buy a router from this brand. A model of the D-Link router uses the IP address but it is a very uncommon thing. Usually, no router uses such IP address. I checked online did not find any router or networking to use this IP address.
The IP address is a default IP address and the default IP address should not be changed by users until it is necessary. The default IP address is set by the manufacturer. The default IP address is used for various purposes but the primary purpose of the IP address is to log in to the router. If you do not get the application with the router, then for using the IP address, you have to use a web browser. The browser will act as an application what will help to access the administrative tool. However, the default IP address can be changed for solving the IP address confliction problem. Later, we will discuss this and learn many things quick.
The setting for the router is a very important thing and if you do not setup settings, then you cannot make the device ready for the Wi-Fi. But first you have to make the device ready for the settings and you have to configure the device. You have to connect the router and computer with Ethernet/USB cable. In the router box, you will get those cables and guide. If you are not an expert administrator, then you should read the router guide first and before the configuration and setup settings. Now supply the electricity to the router with power adapter what you have found in the device box. When the configuration is done, then turn the both of devices computer and router.
Now you should setup settings. So, you should use a browser where you need to use the IP address Now click on the go button and you will get a form where to type the default username and password. Click on the log in button after typing the username and password. If you have put properly and correctly, then you can log into the router. When you have login the router, get ready for the setup all setting.
Home routers have the wizard tool what you should use. If your device does not have the wizard tool, then you have to setup setting manually. Manual setting is very difficult and annoying. For this reason, it is not comfortable for the new router users but for experts, it is not so problematic. If the router comes with the wizard tool, then everyone should use that tool. Because it saves time and works all of the tasks properly. But for some cases, you have to setup some settings manual and the Wi-Fi security comes first. You should know how to secure the Wi-Fi properly. However, you must keep the router away from the micro oven.
Wi-Fi security is a very important thing and every router user should confirm the security for the router. This is why they should turn on all of the features what give them full router security. From the router guide, it is very easy to learn about the setting and related information. Some common features of the Wi-Fi security as Wi-Fi encrypted feature, Wi-Fi password, SSID network and MAC filtering method. All of those features are available in most of the routers. Enable Wi-Fi encrypted feature which is WPA2-PSK. This is the latest option for securing the Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi password is a very important thing and the password should be made of numbers, alphabets (small and capital), symbols. Thus, you can make the password hard. SSID network name should not keep the default. Users should change the default SSID network name if they want to secure the Wi-Fi network. MAC filtering method is the best way of securing the router. You can block all of those devices which want to connect your Wi-Fi network unauthorized. So, you can control all of the devices from your administrative tool. If your router is latest, then you may get more features for securing the Wi-Fi. Router security is a very important thing when you think of the unauthorized access of different users and you need to change the default username and password to save settings.
The default IP address should not be changed by anyone. Because this IP address has various uses and you can change the default IP address when you face IP address confliction problem. In that time, you have no way without changing the default IP address. When you want to change the IP address, then you have to follow the IP address formation rules. You have to maintain the IP address Class when you want to use different IP address. When you change the IP address, then you have to save the IP address. The IP address confliction occurs from the same network and in this network multiple devices run. Make sure that all of the devices use unique IP address in all of the routers.
The IP address should be changed only for the IP address confliction problem. It is necessary to know all of the troubleshooting about the router and Wi-Fi. You should learn about the problem and solution related with router and Wi-Fi. You will get many solutions in the router guide. You can visit many websites where you can get instruction related your router. In the YouTube site, you will get instruction on the settings of the router and router configuration. If you study, it will not be so difficult to solve the various problem.